Odessa Fine Arts museum

Odessa art museum

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Odessa Fine Arts museum – from view

Fine Arts museum located in central part of Odessa, in former aristocratic palace of early 19th century. This luxurious building in classical style is noticeable for its pomposity and elegance. Today in vast palace halls placed one of richest collections of russian painting in Ukraine.

Odessa Fine Arts museum

Exhibition hall

Palace built in 1928 as a private estate of noble countess Naryshkina. More than fifty years after, this palace bought famous philanthropist and public figure, head of Odessa – Grigoriy Marazli, who donated the building to city for museum of fine arts. Museum opened its exhibition in 1899.

Odessa Fine Arts museum

Visitor of Odessa Fine Arts museum

A part of Odessa Fine Arts museum exposition is underground decorative grotto, which one of interesting places to visit here. It is located under the building and represent an artificial cave with a waterfall. From this underground grotto lead long galleries connecting main palace with park.

Odessa Fine Arts museum


Museum exhibition contains rare collection of old icon dated 16-17th centuries. Ukrainian icon combines Christian tradition of West and East. Here you can get acquainted with the features of icon painting on territory of Ukraine and Russia. Transition process of icon painting to secular painting represented in museum by portraits of royal persons. Here you will see huge parade portraits of royal chambers.

Odessa Fine Arts museum

Roman Nikitin

Museum’s collection includes 15 works by outstanding Russian marine painter Ivan Aivazovsky. His paintings have become a model of mastery of seascapes painting.

Odessa Fine Arts museum Aivazovskiy

Ivan Ayvazovskiy

1840-1880 became a time when artists turned to social topics in their works. Main driving force behind this direction was creative association of Peredvijniki. Odessa Fine Atrs museum has a large collection of paintings of this time.

Odessa Fine Arts museum

Mian hall of Odessa Fine Arts museum

In 1890, Society of South Russian artists appeared in Odessa. This society held regular exhibitions at which works of local artists were exhibited. Afterwards, society became the center of artistic culture development on south of Ukraine. From other artists of that time, Odessa school was distinguished by unusual colourism and lighting in their works.

Odessa art museum

Kiriak Kostandi

Big changes of beginning of 20th centuries represented in two directions: symbolism and modernism. You can see works of such outstanding artists as: Mikhail Vrubel, Valentina Serova, Zinaida Serebryakova, Petrov-Vodkin, Alexander Benois, etc.

Odessa fine arts museum

Mikhail Vrubel’

Odessa Art Museum has special collection of modern art, opened in 1939. Biggest part of modern department devoted to Soviet art and gives an idea of main development stages of so-called – socialist realism. Exept that modern department includes works of late soviet painting and contemporary art of nowadays.

Odessa Fine Arts museum

Teofil Fraerman