Lviv to Kiev train

Lviv to Kiev train tickets online

Train Lviv Kiev – options

Lviv to Kiev trainTime of travelArrival
235 Ш8:29 hours08:37 am
218 Л7:46 hours09:14 am
029 Л7:00 hours10:13 am
744 К – Intercity5:12 hours11:17 am
749 П5:48 hours17:14 pm
192 Л9:47 hours21:44 pm
081 Л8:37 hours07:27 am
092 Л7:25 hours06:44 am
705 Л5:07 hours23:53 pm

How to read Ukraine train tickets

Ukrainian railways still do not issue tickets in English. Also quite difficult to find necessary information in them, since completely unnecessary things is highlighted with capital letters, but important staff – with small letters. Nevertheless, see below for the location of main info, that one need to know when boarding a train in Ukraine.

  • Yellow line – indicates the train number. You will see this number on a board of trains inside any train station. Usually conductor checks this number when one take the train, so you can’t get into wrong train. Just keep this in mind.
  • Blue line – indicates the number of your car in the train. Everything simple, each car has its own number, which is usually located near the door.
  • Red line – this number is your seat place. An ordinary train car in Ukraine has 54 seats. Some of them will be yours. Intercity trains have another number of seats.
  • Green line – shows time of departure.
  • Purple line – time of arrival.
  • From – this position is city of departure.
  • To – city of arrival.
Lviv to Kiev train

Example of Ukraine train ticket – 2019

This destination is highly in demand, since Lviv is a main western city in Ukraine. Today, there are no many train connections between Kiev and other capitals of central Europe countries. That is why Lviv is a transfer station for those who travel to Ukraine by train. Through the city passes more than ten trains everyday towards Kiev, so to get a ticket is not a problem. We created comparative list some of them to show you average time of travel and arrival. For more ticket options use search system to find suitable one exactly for you.

lviv to kiev train intercity

Lviv to Kiev train – Intercity

Types of Lviv to Kiev train

There are couple types of train on this destination. All of them have different level of comfort and price. Lets consider main three types:

  1. Intercity. Most fast and modern train of ukrainian railways. Since this train considering as modern and high quality one, it usually has suitable time of arrival and departure. Intercity has only sitting places of first and second class. It is a good choice especially in summer, because the train has air condition. Also important, that on this train works english speaking personal and smoking is strictly forbidden.
  2. Night train. Usual Ukraine train with sleeping places. Good choice if you want to sleep and rest during the road. Some of such trains have three classes of comfort, the others only two. Difference between them is pretty high, as well as a price. General quality depends of each train, but usually it means cleaness and general condition of cars. Service staff is nearly always same.
  3. Passing trains. Trains that only passes through Lviv and Kiev, but have another start and final station. As a rule, they have inconvenient arrival and departure time. Also train tickets of such types cost less, because they connect small towns and have much bigger travel time. But it’s not a rule. Besides, this is always a good fallback, when there is no other options of travelling.
lviv to kiev train

Lviv to Kiev train from Peremyshl

Lviv to Kiev flights and bus tickets

If happened, that you can’t get train ticket, or don’t want travel by train, check out page of flights and bus tickets from Lviv to Kiev. Sometimes traveling through Ukraine by bus more cheap than by train, but not always. Also using a bus can be decision, when you need to get in time and there are no appropriate train tickets.