Kiev to Lviv

Kiev to Lviv. Transport options




Kiev to LvivTimePrice
Train5 – 12 hours$5 – $25
Bus7 – 9 hours$10 – $20
Plaine1 hour$50 – 120

Ukrainian railways. Appearently the most optimal way to travel from Kiev to Lviv. Since both cities are large and interesting for tourists, there are 22 different trains that passes between them. All the trains have different time of travel and tickets price. Thanks to the number of propositions, it is easy to find appropriate time of arrival and departure. Remember, that Ukraine train with a special mark IC+ means that the train is express and high quality. All others are usual of sleeping cars.

Kiev to Lviv

Kiev to Lviv – Intercity

Ukrainian flights. Obviously fastest way of traveling, but there is some difficulties. First of all, airport Borispil (Kiev) located away of the city. That’s why you spend more time to get there. Also usual taxi from airport could cost half of the plaine ticket. Of course one can avoid unnecessary expenses by using special train to airport or bus, if we speaking about Kiev. From Lviv airport to the city passes special trolley-bus. That’s why when you have a transfer in Lviv or Kiev airport, better to travel by plane. One’s you want to observe each city, better to choose railways.

Kiev to Lviv

Kiev to Lviv – ukranian airlines

Ukrainian bus. The fact is that from Kiev to Lviv there is no good modern highway. That’s why regular buses going slower than most of train of this destination. Nevertheless there are couple a benefits to travel by busin Ukraine. First of all, bus ticket price do not depends on holidays or day of week. As it heppens with train and flights. Second reason – bus ticket has avarage price and there is no big difference in a quality of sitting place. Also, buses depart every hour, so one able to choose the best time for traveling. Finally, what is more important – bus ticket is very easy to buy and not necessery to do it beforehand.

Kiev to Lviv

Ukraine autolux company

Distance from Kiev to Lviv

Shorter distance between both cities is 540 kilometers. The road is not straight, so it takes around 6.5 hour to travel by usual car. That is longer than by Intercity train. Such way of traveling could be useful, because on the way you can visit two big ukrainian cities: Zhitomir and Rovno.