Kiev to Lviv train

Train tickets from Kiev to Lviv

Kiev to Lviv trainTime of travelArrival
705 K5:09 hours11:09 am
743 Л5:10 hours22:43 pm
715 К6:55 hours13:45 pm
029 К6:48 hours03:56 am
091 К7:23 hours06:00 am
043 К7:44 hours02:49 am
111 О11:11 hours16:26 pm
049 К8:26 hours04:38 am
017 О6:41 hours04:50 am

How to read Ukraine train tickets

Ukrainian railways still do not issue tickets in English. Also quite difficult to find necessary information in them, since completely unnecessary things is highlighted with capital letters, but important staff – with small letters. Nevertheless, see below for the location of main info, that one need to know when boarding a train in Ukraine.

  • Yellow line – indicates the train number. You will see this number on a board of trains inside any train station. Usually conductor checks this number when one take the train, so you can’t get into wrong train. Just keep this in mind.
  • Blue line – indicates the number of your car in the train. Everything simple, each car has its own number, which is usually located near the door.
  • Red line – this number is your seat place. An ordinary train car in Ukraine has 54 seats. Some of them will be yours. Intercity trains have another number of seats.
  • Green line – shows time of departure.
  • Purple line – time of arrival.
  • From – this position is city of departure.
  • To – city of arrival.
Kiev to Lviv train

Example of Ukraine train ticket – 2019

This route connects Kiev with all western Ukraine. Since there is no good highway from Kiev to Lviv, train road become optimal decision for traveling. As you can see, all trains are different concerning time of arrive and travel. There are couple of straight Kiev Lviv train, those which going through out and Intercity fast one.

kiev to lviv train

Kiev to Lviv train – Intercity

Kiev Lviv express train

Express Kiev to Lviv train has special sign – IC, that means InterCity. This train makes fewer stops that any other. That’s why it’s best choice for time economy. Tickets to that train divided on two class: first and second. All seats inside express train are seating one. So the classes differ from each other by number of seats in a row and by distance between them. Intercity is the most modern train of ukranian railways. Besides that, the train connects Ukraine with Poland, and there is couple of trains from Kiev to Przemysl. That’s why all Intercities have english speaking personal.

kiev to lviv train

Kiev to Lviv train – Intercity inside

Most of trains from Kiev to Lviv are passing through. It means that thier final station not Lviv, but some other city. It’s important to remember for not miss the right stop. All passing through trains are overnight. Also this is a reason, why they have such uncomforable time of arriving. This is a regular Ukraine train, so don’t expect high quality of service.

Also there is straight train Kiev Lviv – 091 К. Regular overnight train with last station in Lviv. Good options if you want to spent a night in a train and don’t lose day time in Lviv. The train have no some unusual staff, like in intercity, just first and economy class. Economy class of overnight traine is the most cheap ukranian railways tickets.

Kiev to Lviv train tickets availability

Despite the number of trains to Lviv, there is still possibility to find one. Like everywhere in Ukraine, difficulties with the purchase of tickets occurs on holidays. You can book tickets 45 days before required date. So planning your trip on holidays, better to by train tickets far in advance.