Odessa weather

Summer Odessa temperature

Average temperature in summer season is next: June + 25.3С, July + 28.5С, August + 28.6С. Its maximum temperature in Odessa reaches in last months of summer, up to + 35C. In summer, smallest amount of precipitation falls in the city. Rainy days can be only 1-2 per month. Sunny days in summer up to 27 days a month. Temperature of sea water reaches + 24C. However, it is worth noting, that water temperature is influenced by marine underwater currents. This means that regardless of air temperature, sea water can be + 15C, and next day again + 19C. Sea currents do not predict Odessa weather today forecasts, so this is always a surprise for holidaymakers.

Odessa weather – Winter

Temperature in this period of the year is strongly influenced by humidity of air, because city located near Black Sea. This means that temperature of air will feel much more than thermometer shows. Average temperature in Odessa during winter is: in December + 5.5C, in January + 2.1C, in February + 3.3C. Maximum decrease in temperature reaches – 10C, which happens extremely rarely and usually lasts from a few days to a week. Snow throughout the winter falls several times. Odessa weather in winter characterized by cold gusty winds.

It is especially difficult to predict when will it snow in Odessa. The fact is that in recent years, snow falls only a few times during whole winter. For example, in 2018, snow fell in March! Most often these are short-term, but powerful snowfalls. Expect snowy weather in Odessa is possible only at the end of January and in February. But if you want to catch snow here, it’s impossible to know in advance. It will be best to simply check current weather forecasts, and hope that they will come true.

Weather in Odessa – Spring

Average air temperature in Odessa during spring: March + 8C, April + 15.3C, May + 20C. In this time the weather become comfortable warm, much earlier than in the rest of Ukraine. March is a cold month, still something like winter. In April, trees start to turn green, flowers blossom, one can no longer be afraid of cold weather. Weather in Odessa (Ukraine) in May can be considered as true summer month. Temperature in May is constantly above 20C, and many sunny days.  It is very appropriate time to come to our city.

Autumn temperature Odessa

Holiday season stretches in the city until the middle of autumn, when there is still warm air and temperature of sea water acceptable for swimming. Average temperature of air is next: September + 23С, October + 14.0С, November + 9.8С. Half of autumn is traditionally called the “velvet season”, because air temperature Odessa (Ukraine) at this time is very comfortable – neither hot nor cold.

Also do not forget to check exact time in Odessa, so as not to be mistaken in calculations of your arrival and further plans.