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In this article, we will try to consider whether Odessa Ukraine safe for travelers. Almost all tourists live in city centre, so you should consider specifics of this part of it. Main tourist streets in downtown are quite safe in the afternoon and relatively in the evening. It is better not to walk alone at night, unless you are in a big company, or accompanied by a local friend. Without necessity try to avoid the area of train-station, bus-station and privoz market (Odessa Privoz). This rule is suitable for any city in Ukraine – train or bus station, market, and nearest streets – is traditional places of congestion of all suspicious personalities. If you go there it does not mean that something necessarily will happen with you, but simply avoiding such places, you significantly increase chances of not getting into trouble.

Dating in night clubs and bars

First of all, remember that atmosphere, purpose of visit and culture in bars of Odessa, is somewhat different from european one. It often happens that a nice girl acquainted with you in the bar, and then offers to go somewhere. Then she leads you to a quiet place where her accomplices rob you. This kind of robbery happens quite often, as many tourists like to sit in the evening in a bar and are naive about such acquaintances. This is a well-developed scheme of robbing.

How to avoid this? Of course, it is difficult to say with what intentions a girl in a bar meets you. Decide whether you continue to dialogue with her, or not, depends on you, but be careful if she suggests you go somewhere. Best solution is to offer her something yourself, not letting you take to some unknown and incomprehensible place to you. Important! – never get drunk in a bar! In such cases you can say farewell to all your money. To get drunk is neither safe for american travelers, nor for anybody else.

Trust or not to trust

Speaking about is it safe to visit Odessa, safety tips, we should mention another one thing. If it so happened that you need to ask a local person a question, here are a couple of tips with whom you can talk and whom is better to avoid.

First of all, remember that people over age of 30 do not know English language. Using English, you can easily communicate with teenagers, or young people under 35.

Pay attention on appearance. Never talk to young people in cheap sports suits and jockey caps. This is traditional clothing of street robbers, scammers and other such persons. They are bald-headed or have short hairdress. Just try to avoid them. Such people never have hipster beards or long hair.

It is best to chat with new generation. For example – hipsters or teenagers. They always know English, are polite and have no hidden intentions. Young people who wear hipster beards, long hair or ponytails are also trustworthy.

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